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Depending on the tasks set, complexes can be developed to support the musculoskeletal system or support system. Each set of exercises has its own specifics.


When developing a set of exercises, it is important to maintain balance in physical activity. To avoid injury, it is recommended to alternate between different physical exercises, such as running and walking. They should be selected taking into account age characteristics and be easy to implement. Aging of the body is an inevitable process, stimulated, in addition to age, by various factors: ecology, lifestyle. These factors influence the human body every day, and we cannot completely avoid their influence. However, through physical activity and a properly selected set of exercises, we can reduce their impact to a minimum.

1. For posture.

Having straightened up as much as possible, stand with your back to the wall - so that the walls touch your heels and the back of your head. You should spend 1.5-2 minutes in this position, taking deep breaths and exhalations. Move away from the wall, straighten up.

2. Walking

One of the simplest and most effective exercises. Standing still, bend your left leg at a right angle and lower it. Then do the same with the right leg. This must be done several times. For maximum effectiveness, you can supplement the exercise with arm swings.

Most older people over 60 years of age are afraid of physical activity precisely because of the possibility of injury. A properly designed, balanced set of exercises will help maintain physical fitness, reduce the impact of various factors and avoid injury. Following some useful recommendations by older people will help maintain physical fitness at the proper level, improve immunity and general condition. Acceptable physical activity. To maintain physical fitness and activity, older people are allowed to perform the following sets of physical exercises: cardio exercises, light strength exercises, stretching exercises.


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